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Никто не следит, будьте первым.
Ещё никто не признался в любви, будьте первым.
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"Who am I?" Maybe you\'ve never even asked yourself this question. You might think you already know who you are. Unfortunately, however, it\'s likely that you don\'t know who you are at all. And if you don\'t know your real identity, you\'re in trouble. You\'ll spend your life in a kind of dream state—you\'ll falsely identify yourself as something or someone you aren\'t. Then, on the basis of this false identification, you\'ll determine the goals of your life and the purpose of your existence. You use these goals to gauge whether you are making "progress" in life, whether you are a "success." And you are aided and abetted in this delusion by a complex network of relationships with other dreamers. Of course, at death (and sometimes before), the whole thing turns into a nightmare
The anguish of death hangs over and leads the human spirit to wonder about the mysteries of existence, man’s destiny, life, the world.

I mean i don\'t know myself alot. i like to make lots of friends, its my hobby.and like to make people life.i mean my life so is so hard u try and try to make it work, but sometimes u may succeed but sometimes u can fail. so u wanna know me more. all u have to do is ask.

life isn\'t easy
and its well never be.
but remember you have some friends
and one of them is ME.!

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